The workspace system gives a lot of workflow possibilities to Bridge users

Smart workspaces

We provide smart collaborative workspaces for all music and audio people. The whole point is to manage, share, and connect better. This is all made possible by interconnected features available on all workspaces, inviting pros to work in teams, and boosting everyone's productity.

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What users can do with their workspace(s):

Whether you are working solo on your workspace, or with a team of hundreds of collaborators, you will be able to get all the daily work done in one place. And if you wear several hats in the audio industry, we got you covered! To segment your work, your different activities, or your team into smaller teams, you can always create additonal workspaces and organize them the way you want.

Store all your files
The library section of your workspace is a secured cloud storage for your audio files. From masters to instrumentals, stems, pre-mix, samples, drafts… you can upload anything you want, in any format. You can also use projects to store non-audio files, such as videos, photos, documents... Choose a Free or Pro plan depending on the amount of storage you need.
Search & filter
Navigate seamlessly through your library files thanks to our robust search engine, along with a rich set of tag filters. Our AI powered auto-tagging will help you describe your catalog - no matter its size. You can also use the artist and album pages to browse your library.
The in-app audio player allows you to play all audio files in your workspace, along with the waveform. You can pick the quality at which you want to listen to your tracks : Normal (128 kbps) or High (320 kbps). Even videos can be streamed directly on your workspace, in the projects.
Workspace members can download the tracks anytime they need to. It is true also for non-audio stored in the projects. Tracks downloaded from a Bridge worksapce will carry all the ID3 metadata tags attached, including lyrics, comments, artwork, etc.
Upload all the files you want, add them to albums or projects (playlists, presskits, showreels, rosters...), delete files once not needed anymore... You can also very easily move any content between the different workspaces you are part of. Finally, you can read and edit all the metadata of your tracks within your workspace(s).
Invite people on your workspace to work in teams. Workspace invitations can be either short or long term. You will then know who is doing what on the shared worksapce, from uploads to metadata edit, project creations, link shares... Work smart with your collaborators, colleagues, or simply the other members of your band.

Collaboration features on inteligent workspaces:

Project management

Projects can be used as folders and subfolders to organize your workspaces so that multiple users can work together in harmony. Projects can also be shared outside of the workspace. The links you share are dynamic, meaning you can change the content at will, with automatic updates on receivers' end.

Multiple members on multiple workspaces

Bridge workspaces can be shared by teams, so that multiple users can work together. Each workspace member is given a role (owner, admin, or simple editor). You should also know that you can segment your work and project by creating multiple workspaces! Perfect if you wear several hats, or if you work in a company with separate teams.

The all-in-one audio generalist

Bridge provides a collaborative tool for all audio and music pros. Industry players are very much interconnected, exchanging files and content everyday. They need a dedicated solution such as to streamline the entire workflow, and stop juggling multiple tools to store, manage, share and receive assets.

Segment your work and projects with multiple custom workspaces.

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