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Activity tracking & analytics

Of course you can share music with Bridge, but how do you know what happens with it? Use our activity tracking, and get notified about link openings, streams, downloads… You’ll also get to know who is doing what with your files.

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Three options:

Quick Links tracking
Using our Quick Link option for sharing allows you to get notified for all activity but you won’t be able to know who specifically is behind each activity. Because a Quick Link can be shared to multiple persons.
Individual Links tracking
Thanks to Individual Links, you can create custom named links, and share them with specific people. Each link is tracked, and you receive notifications for all activity on each unique link you created and shared. You can label each link the way you want (name of the recipient, a company, a client, a social media, etc).
Email tracking
Using emails to share your work is also great for precise tracking. Each email sent equals a specific activity tracking feed. You’ll know exactly who is doing what with your files. You can use this option to share content with hundreds of email addresses in one click, just like a newsletter.

What you will get notified for:

Link openings

Get notified as soon as any of your links has been opened.

All streams

Know which of your audio files were listened to, and when. And depending on your sharing option, get to know who exactly streamed your audio files.

All downloads

You will be able to know if your files were downloaded or added to another Bridge workspace. Tracking includes the audio format in which downloads were made. Of course, these types of activity will only be available when you allow download on your links.

Get notifications when activity is recorded on your links.

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