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Bridge provides an exclusive inbox for each workspace. It is tailored to simplify all file reception workflows. Everything can happen directly on Bridge, from audio reception to listening or downloading. You can even consult the metadata of the tracks received (including music tags) and add the files directly to your workspace if you need to.

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Manage your entire file reception workflow with Bridge:

Receive everything in one place

Use your Bridge inbox to receive music or audio files. Once you've shared your inbox link, people can send you all kinds of music files. In your inbox, you'll see each submission one by one. And each submission comes with a title chosen by the sender, the track(s), a text description, and the sender's name and email address.

Stream tracks, with all relevant information

As in your workspace, there is an audio player available directly in your Inbox, allowing you to listen to all the tracks you receive with the original audio quality of the file. You also have access to all files' metadata, including music tags made automatically available by our AI auto-tagging.

Use the files - download or add to your workspace

All the tracks you receive on your inbox can be downloaded. You can also easily add them directly to your workspace library, thanks to our Add To My Bridge feature. You can add one or all tracks to your own library in just one click!

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