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Since its launch, Bridge.audio has been developing its own AI solution of music description. This feature automates the precise description of music, making it easier to navigate within a catalog of tracks - whether it's your own catalog, or ones of third parties when invited, or even a set of aggregated catalogs, known as "Hubs" on Bridge.audio.

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Our AI multiplies the potential of your music, and its “discoverability“

Friendly and easy to use :

Activate the auto-tagging on your workspace
This feature is enabled by default. You can deactivate it in your settings. Bridge AI is designed to evolve and will be regularly enhanced with : new music genres, more precise tags, and new features to come to help you with promotion, synchronization, and other parts of the music industry.
Let the magic happen
Whether it's for tracks that are already in your workspace, or for new uploads, your music is now analyzed and described with great details by our AI : musical genre, interpretation, emotions, instruments, compatibility with image music... Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the topic, as this will help us improve the auto-tagging and therefore your experience.
Navigate seamlessly thanks to filters
Once your tracks are tagged, browsing your library becomes child's play thanks to the filters. For example, you can find a calm, ethereal folk track sung by a soft-spoken woman... Whether you're a beatmaker, a label sync manager, or in charge of optimizing playlists presence, the possibilities brought by the AI are endless. And that's just the beginning of our mission to help you make your work more discoverable.

What are the criteria to describe your music?

Music description is a vast topic at the heart of the music industry. Our mission with our AI is to objectify a field which, by its very nature, is often subjective. Based on years of experience and exchanges with professionals, here are the different tag families we've created:

Music genre
The music genres we cover are numerous and universal. We sort them into families and sub-families. We'll keep adding tags as new genres emerge, taking into account your feedback on any potential gaps.
Vocal - Instrumental
The AI can tell if the track is instrumental or sung. And if sung, by whom? A woman, a man, a child, a duo, a choir, a non-gendered performer... The interpretation of the voice is also analyzed, specifying whether it is sung softly, dynamically, lyrically, rapped, spoken, shouted...
What instruments are present in the track? What are the textures (acoustic, electric, electronic)? What are the effects used (reverb, auto-tune, saturation)?
Mood - Emotions
What emotions emerge from the track? Organized into big families (Attitude, Calm, Dark, Moving, Energetic, Love, Magic, Positive and others), these emotions can be used to describe your music in great detail.
Movement - Image
The AI can also analyze the track's structure (build-up, drops...), tempo, presence of rhythm instruments, images associated with the music (running, slow motion, swirling).
Language of the track, explicit lyrics or not, but also song themes. This feature is already available on our Discord server, but not yet on your workspaces. It will arrive in the next few months, for Pros plans only.
Clementine Koumenda - Sync broker

Clementine Koumenda

Sync broker

“Just to say that your autotag really blew me away... It's much better than anything I've seen before. It's going to change my life when it comes to research.”

A revolutionary feature for all right holders

“Smart“ workspaces

Within Bridge workspaces, this precise AI music description enables those managing vast catalogs to navigate with ease. This applies to medium-sized to very large labels (from 500 to several million tracks), as well as music libraries and prolific beatmakers.

Use tags to navigate

Once your catalog described via AI, the filter system lets you search for tracks according to given criteria. You won't waste any more time making selections, playlists, or other folders for clients and partners.

Invite people to explore your catalog

In your workspace, you can invite new members to discover your library on a one-off or permanent basis. Any new member can then easily find a track without necessarily knowing the catalog in detail. Filters are available to help one find exactly what he/she is looking for.

Make ultra precise searches inside your catalog thanks to AI.

And if you’d like to test new AI features before everyone else, feel free to join our Discord server.

Among many things, you’ll be able to discover our automated pitch writing command (with the /story command) or lyrics analysis (/lyrics command).

Bettina Kee - aka Ornette

Bettina Kee

aka Ornette

“The auto-tagging is a phenomenal time-saver! A great working tool, synthetic, precise, and creative. Useful for archiving, promoting, pitching, and even producing new work. I really love it! It's like your buddy who has all the answers.

The Sync Hub

What is it?

The auto-tagging powered by AI will enable us to support you in the discoverability of your catalog, through 'Hubs'. The first of its kind, the Sync Hub, is designed to allow rights holders to promote their work, and music buyers (supervisors, brands, directors, etc.) to find tracks for their projects.

Auto-tagging on the Sync Hub

This Sync Hub is only possible thanks to our music description AI. It offers potential buyers in-depth research possibilities. For example: search for a track sung by a soft-spoken woman, blending folk and electro, with a calm, intimate atmosphere, suitable for slow-motion images. The results are displayed instantly, and the buyer can contact the copyright holders directly.

Project progress

The hub feature is currently under development. It will be launched in January 2024. We are currently in the pre-launch phase. For the time being, the Sync Hub is open to Labels, Publishers, and Sync Brokers, but will later open up to artists and creators as well. Other thematic hubs boosted by AI will follow.

The Sync Hub allows right holders and music buyers to connect seamlessly, thanks to the power of AI.

We are currently in the pre-launch phase of the Sync Hub offer.
If you’re interested in the opportunities brought by the Sync Hub - as a right holder or a music buyer - click here for more information.

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