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Frequently asked questions

What is a record label?

A record company is a company that serves the artists and musicians they have “signed” and helps them produce, publish, and distribute their musical works. Do not mix up record company and label. A record company wears several hats. It manufactures, distributes, and promotes the productions of musicians/artists. A record company intervenes from the conception to the marketing of tracks. The company is divided into several departments that exploit all facets of the music industry, in order to make its artists profitable.

What are the risks of signing to a record label?

Signing to a record label can have some risks, including the possibility of losing creative control, being financially exploited, and being dropped by the label. However, you could be able to mitigate those risks by doing your research and negotiating your terms the right way.

How do I find a record label?

To find a record company, there exist directories that list all the record companies and abroad. Most of these directories have filters and search options that you can use to find labels easily. Then you have to get the contact of the person in charge of signatures. It always depends on the size of the record company, but you have to aim for the position of talent scout or A&R.

How to get spotted by a record company?

To catch the eye of a label or a record company, you have first and foremost to find a way to get your music listened to. To achieve this, there are different channels you can use: emails, word of mouth, concerts/events, relationships… There is no precise process. A confirmed artist can be spotted just like a “bedroom producer” who never released a track before. When you want to be detected, you must not neglect your image, a label will always prefer an artist with an assertive and original image, rather than someone without distinctive traits.

How to send my demo to a record label?

To send your demo to a record label, start by searching for suitable labels. Prepare a high-quality demo filled with all metadata and a brief bio. Find the company guidelines for submissions - they are often specified on their official website - and stick to them. You might even want to prepare an EPK to send to the record label. If the label is a certified member, you can directly send your demo through their inbox in just a few clicks. Simply click on the ‘Send tracks to this label’ blue button on their record label profile page

How to sign in a record label?

Signing with a label or record company is an opportunity not to be missed. There are different ways to catch the eye of a label and move towards a legal contract. You should be aware that this is often quite a long process for a record company, a signature is never immediate. There is no precise rule for signing on a label. More than anything, it is necessary that your music interests the record company, that it fits to its identity.

How does the relationship between record companies and artists work?

Once you have signed with a record company, you will have dedicated people to work with. Often it will be a project manager, and one or more artistic directors in charge of your project. These will be the main contacts with whom you will exchange. From then on, they will be at your service, and will listen to your needs while taking into account the specifications carried out throughout your contract.

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