I-Lab 2021 Grand Prize

The team -

The team

We are thrilled to be among the 10 Grand Prize winners

We are very proud to announce that and more specifically our Synchro marketplace project (fed by our I.A. solution) has won the prestigious “Grand Prix” of the I-Lab competition.

The official trophy for the Grand Prize
Our beautiful - 3D printer made - trophy for the Grand Prize


Music synchronisation consists in selecting commercially available tracks in order to add soundtracks to movies, TV shows, ads, or video games.

Yet, the lack of automatisation of existing processes prevents the industry to cope with the exploding demand of synchronisation. The market keeps expanding and diversifying everyday year. aims at solving this issue through the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI makes this marketplace possible because it can automatically address and deal with any synch project, in all diversity and size (from small digital campaigns to full-scale TV deals)

Through an initial stage of R&D - partnering with the S2A public laboratory of the prestigious Telecom ParisTech school - major first steps were achieved:

• Development of a first Digital Asset Manager, combining collaborative and marketplace features;

Conception of an AI allowing complete musicological indexation of professional music catalogs (labels and independent publishers). Precision and depth for tracks’ categorisation were key elements of the AI conception.

Through this project, opens a new phase of research and development based on Artificial Intelligence: the company aims at automating all processes affiliated with music synchronisation. Such new technology will grant professionals with a powerful solution to tackle the long tail nature of market demands. All thanks to unparalleled processing and analysis capacities available to professionals. CEO Clement Souchier CEO Clément Souchier


The i-Lab Innovation Competition highlights the achievements of public research through the creation of innovative companies. Organised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in partnership with BpiFrance, i-Lab rewards the best contesting projects in terms of research and development. It funds technological products, processes, or services to support their finalisation.

Financial help can amount to a maximum of 600 000 euros per project, with a total enveloppe of 26 million euros.

I-Lab two main objectives:

• Detect and stimulate emerging projects so that innovative new companies can come to light.

• Favour an healthy transfer of public research results towards socioeconomic environments.

→ Over the years, i-Lab has become a respected anchor point for innovation projects’ leaders. It is unanimously recognized as a quality label by Deeptech investors.

In 23 years of existence, the I-Lab competition has established itself as the benchmark for the innovation world, and as a true growth accelerator for Deeptech start-ups. Since its creation in 1999, i-Lab has generated the creation of roughly 2 155 companies, among which 65% are still active businesses. 30 of those companies has moved to initial public offering.

The official logo of I-Lab 2021
I-Lab Innovation Contest was celebrating its 23rd birthday

For its 2021 edition, the jury of experts has distinguished 69 laureates, including 10 Grand Prizes, out of 399 candidates. This 23rd edition saw a majority of winners originating from public research (63%), with a prevalence of the health and digital field (80% of all laureates). It is worth pointing out that there was a significant decrease in the share of women among the laureates (13%, against 20% in 2020).

10 Grands Prix reward projects with the most remarkable solutions to the “Great Challenges” chosen by the Innovation Councel, or to the thematics of innovation acceleration strategies set during the 4th Future Investments Program (PIA4). A godfather will accompany each laureate to help with their development.

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