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How to send music to a music supervisor

Robin Ambroise-Thomas - Content Creator,

Robin Ambroise-Thomas

Content Creator,

Getting your music synchronized can be a huge boost for your career.

Ready to send your music to a music supervisor? Getting it into movies, TV shows, or commercials can be a huge boost for your career and promotion. It can help you gain recognition and awareness locally and internationally. Your track may be perfect, but there are other parameters you must adjust to make sure your work is appreciated. In this article, learn how to maximize your chances following key steps.

Identify the sync potential of your tracks.

Your track is now ready. Closing your eyes you can imagine it in the next episode of your favorite series, or as a soundtrack to your loved one’s perfume commercial. It’s time to send it to a Sync!

Music supervisors can unlock a world of possibilities for your music, but for it to be chosen, it has to resonate in their own world!

Premiere Pro screen view, symbol of synchronization between image and sound
Is your track sync-ready?

A sync friendly track is very often universal yet original. It has to convey strong emotions (whatever they may be) that will amplify a visual media like film, commercial, video games, television… Sync strives to find the perfect track that will evoke reactions & feelings which visuals simply cannot create on their own.

Fill the metadata.

Music supervision is about finding the right music for the right content. As they have to navigate through large databases of tracks, supervisors search their library using keywords and filters. The better you enrich your tracks with metadata such as genre, lyrics, and track owners… the more chances you have of having your music synchronized.

On music supervisors use the wide range of tags available to sort their catalogs. Filling in metadata also means gaining visibility with them on our platform. Did you know? You can edit and export your metadata directly on Bridge in ID3 format!

Music tag filters available on workspaces
Tags enable music supervisors to navigate through their databases way faster.

Present your work in an engaging way.

Now that you have identified and tagged your music, it’s time to think about how to make it look great for your recipients! With the right presentation, you can increase your chances of catching the eyes and ears of your recipient. Extra elements like a description, external links, presskit, artwork, photos, lyrics.. are all important elements for a supervisor to grasp your full musical universe. It is important to give them those elements in a convenient way to make sure they hold all the cards to make a wise decision. The presentation of your work is crucial. The more pleasant and practical it is, the more chance your music has to be appreciated

One tip that does make a difference: one link makes it all! Don’t multiply links and places to find all the information linked to your music. Imagine as a recipient receiving a Soundcloud link to stream, a WeTransfer link to download attachments, an artwork saved in the email.. It’s already too much time wasted op

Bridge offers a complete solution to showcase your work in one place, in a nice looking way with all the options to include the documents that will make a difference. Compile your tracks in a Project and make your musical universe shine!

Example of a project used as a sync selection on
A beautiful and thorough presentation of your work makes it all.

Once you made your selection, gather your tracks in a project. This will enable you to present your full musical universe, including a description of your work, as well as photos, artwork, music videos, lyrics, documents, and more. All these things are important to help music supervisors evaluate your project.

Your project is now ready to be sent. Your last step consists in setting up your share. Make sure to give all the authorizations to stream/download/see attachments to your recipient. enables you to personalize those authorizations for any recipient, and change them at any time without creating a new link!

Now that your project is shared, you will want to know whenever supervisors stream or download your work. Bridge gives you access to a notification center that gathers all activities on your files so you can reactivate your recipient at the right time. Activities tracked includes open link, stream, download track (with files quality info), download media/photos/videos..

Now you have everything in hands. Fingers crossed, and we hope to see your music in the next big video banger!🤞

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