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How to do influencer marketing for music in 2023

Bastien Ernst - Digital Content Producer,

Bastien Ernst

Digital Content Producer,

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Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on partnering with individuals who have a large and engaged following on social media. These individuals, known as influencers, can be used to promote products or services to their audience. Influencer marketing can be a very effective way to promote music, as influencers can help to reach a large number of potential fans and generate excitement for your releases.

Why is influencer marketing effective for music?

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, you may question its effectiveness for music. Here are a few reasons why we believe that influencer marketing could be a useful tool to promote music.

Primarily, influencers have a large and engaged following. Influencers have built up a large and engaged following on social media by creating content that their audience loves. This means that when they promote music, their followers are more likely to listen to it and share it with their own networks. Influencers are trusted by their audience. People trust the recommendations of influencers that they follow. This is because influencers have built up a reputation for being honest and authentic. When an influencer recommends a song or album, their followers are more likely to check it out. This allows you to target a specific audience.

Influencers can create engaging content: Influencers are skilled at creating engaging content that resonates with their audience. When they promote music, they can create unique and creative content that will capture the attention of their followers.

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You can target a specific audience via the custom content created by influencers.

How to do influencer marketing for music

To do influencer marketing for music, you need to follow these steps:

Identify your target audience: Who are you trying to reach with your music? Once you know your target audience, you can start to identify influencers who have a following that matches your target audience.

Find the right influencers: There are a number of ways to find influencers to partner with. You can search for influencers on social media platforms, use influencer marketing platforms, or contact influencers directly.

Reach out to influencers Once you have identified a list of potential influencers, you need to reach out to them and propose a partnership. Be sure to explain why you think they would be a good fit for your brand and what you are hoping to achieve with the partnership.

Negotiate a deal: Once an influencer agrees to partner with you, you need to negotiate a deal. This will involve agreeing on the terms of the partnership, such as the compensation for the influencer, the type of content they will create, and the timeline for the campaign.

Manage the campaign Once the deal is in place, you need to manage the campaign. This will involve working with the influencer to ensure that they are meeting the terms of the agreement and that the campaign is on track.

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Your objective: launching and managing a campaign that stands out

Tips for successful influencer marketing campaigns for music

Here are some tips for successful influencer marketing campaigns for music:

Choose the right influencers: It is important to choose influencers who have a following that matches your target audience and who create content that is relevant to your music. You can target specific audiences thanks to micro-influencers.

Be clear about your goals: What do you want to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign? Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or boost sales of your music? Once you know your goals, you can choose the right influencers and create content that will help you to achieve them.

Give influencers creative freedom: Influencers are most effective when they are allowed to create content in their own unique style. Give them the freedom to be creative and come up with ideas for how to promote your music in a way that will resonate with their audience.

Track your results: It is important to track the results of your influencer marketing campaigns so that you can see what is working and what is not. You can use a variety of tools to track your results, such as social media analytics tools and website analytics tools.

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Just like this photo, your influence campaign must be perfectly timed

When to do influencer marketing :

While Influencer marketing is a powerful tool to target your audience, it is important that you time your campaign properly. Usually, Influencer marketing is used for music in the following events :

The first one is new releases. When you are releasing a new song or album, influencer marketing can be a great way to generate excitement and buzz. You can partner with influencers to create exclusive content, such as first-listen previews, behind-the-scenes content, and reaction videos.

Then, you could use Influencers to advertise your tours. If you are going on tour, you can partner with influencers to promote your shows and generate ticket sales. You can have influencers share their excitement about the tour, offer exclusive discounts to their followers, and even host meet-and-greets.

Of course, if you are taking part in an award show or that you are nominated for an award, it’s crucial to let your audience know. You can partner with influencers to promote the event and celebrate your success. You can have influencers share their predictions for the awards show, offer their reactions to your performance, and even host live streams from the event.

Finally to enhance your social media presence. When there is a popular social media trend related to music, you can partner with influencers to create content that capitalizes on the trend. For example, if a certain dance challenge is going viral, you can partner with influencers to create their own versions of the challenge using your music.

Examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns for music

Here are some examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns for music.

Lil Nas X and TikTok : Lil Nas X utilized TikTok to promote his song Montero (Call Me By Your Name). He engaged with the app’s community by creating and encouraging the use of several trending challenges associated with his music. This approach not only spiked the song’s popularity on TikTok but also translated to a significant increase in streams across various platforms. Check out the music video!

Dua Lipa and Instagram : Dua Lipa partnered with Instagram for the release of her album “Future Nostalgia”. Through IGTV, she held live sessions, Q&As, and even previewed snippets of her songs, engaging her audience directly and fostering a personal connection. As a result, there was a notable rise in her album’s streams and sales.

BTS and Twitter : The globally recognized K-pop group BTS made strategic use of Twitter to engage with their vast ARMY fanbase. By posting regular updates, behind-the-scenes content, and engaging directly with fans through live streams, they consistently drive massive traffic and engagement whenever they drop new music.

These strategies aren’t exclusive to top-charting artists. Emerging artists like JVNA or Anya Marina can also leverage influencer marketing platforms to gain traction and engage with a broader audience. Other examples include indie folk artist Ella May, who used influencer marketing effectively by partnering with Julia Hartley, a lifestyle blogger with a knack for integrating music into her content. Julia featured Ella’s single “Whispering Winds” in a series of Instagram stories, capturing serene moments like sunrises and coffee brewing, resonating deeply with her followers.

Another example could be urban music producer Jay Dex, who collaborated with Alex Street, a micro-influencer known for his skateboarding videos. Alex used Jay’s upbeat track “City Lights” in a montage of evening skate sessions, giving the song exposure to a young, energetic audience. These targeted, authentic collaborations exemplify how small artists creatively use influencer marketing in the digital age.

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