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How to build an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for your music project

Bastien Ernst - Digital Content Producer,

Bastien Ernst

Digital Content Producer,

Example of an EPK from the rock band Moonsters

Ready to boost your music to new heights? Creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for your music project is the perfect way to showcase your work. It allows music supervisors, record labels, bookers, journalists, or other music professionals to easily access and understand the core and spirit of your project. This can elevate your recognition and popularity on both local and global stages. Your tracks may be flawless, but there are other elements you need to finesse to ensure your masterpieces gets the attention they deserve.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential steps and tools to create a captivating press kit for your music project.

Why Do You Need an Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kits are difference makers for several reasons:

πŸš€ They provide a foundation for effective promotion, ensuring your music reaches the right audience.

🎨 EPKs offer you the opportunity to control your image and convey your unique vision.

πŸ“š By gathering all the necessary information in one place, you save recipients hours of research and provide them with everything they need to know.

πŸ† In such a competitive industry, a well-crafted EPK can be the key to standing out and capturing the attention of industry professionals.

Embracing the power of an Electronic Press Kit can open doors for your music project and help you make a lasting impact. interface to monitor activity on your EPK interface to monitor activity on your EPK

Create Pertinent Content

Captivating Biography

A captivating biography is crucial for an impressive press kit. As an artist, crafting a biography that narrates your story, delves into your background, brings your influences to light, and showcases your accomplishments or accolades is essential. It should encapsulate your project’s atmosphere. Enabling readers to swiftly grasp your essence and talent. Strive for conciseness and engagement to retain the interest of your audience.

You can write your biography yourself but enlisting a journalist or writer may prove advantageous. Online services typically range from $30 to $150, and opting for professional assistance could ensure your biography genuinely reflects your unique journey and artistic vision.

Showcase High-Quality Downloadable Music

The first tracks in your press kit are crucial, as bookers or music supervisors might not be familiar with your work. They will likely listen to the first tracks of your project quickly. Choose the ones that best showcase your popularity and versatility. Add a brief description, just one or two sentences, for each track in the press kit to help recipients understand and eventually talk about your music more easily.

Make sure to provide your selected tracks in high-quality formats. Ideally, they should be streamable and downloadable directly within the press kit. You can include a link to music streaming services with download options. This ensures a seamless and enjoyable listening experience for those exploring your press kit. allows you to create press kits with a player and download option in high quality directly on the same page. interface showing how you can easily upload high quality music files
Upload high quality music files on your EPK thanks to

Striking Visuals

Incorporating eye-catching visuals that represent your artistic identity is essential. Videos of your live sessions or any content featuring you can make a significant difference, particularly when seeking live show bookings. Include a variety of high-quality images, such as high-resolution photos and album artwork, to convey your unique style. Ensure that your visuals maintain cohesion with your music and brand.

With Bridge, you can attach videos, photos, PDFs, and many other documents directly into the press kit. They accompany audio files and the rest of the content for a pleasing and convenient experience.

Press Coverage and Testimonials

Incorporating press coverage and reviews you’ve received is a valuable addition to your EPK. These testimonials serve as a seal of authenticity and can reveal more about your story than social media alone. Articles discussing your shows can also vouch for your suitability for bigger events. Keep the testimonials concise, allowing readers to quickly understand the impact of your music and the recognition you’ve already achieved.

Contact Information

Don’t forget to provide clear and easy-to-find contact information. Include your email, phone number, social media, and website. Your recipient should be able to reach you effortlessly if they’re interested in your work. Make sure that the social media you include are up to date. Your recipient may not know you, and having a TikTok account with irrelevant videos or an inactive Instagram may work against you.

Check out this cool example with Moonsters

Customization is Key

Tailor your press kit to target the specific needs of your booker, record label, or music supervisor. Research your recipient’s preferences and past projects, and customize your press kit to highlight tracks and parts of your story that align with their style and taste. This personal touch will make your music stand out in a sea of submissions.

Do I Have Enough to Show Yet in My Electronic Press Kit (EPK)?

If you’re concerned about not having enough content for your press kit, don’t panic. Starting with less material can actually provide more room for creativity and help you focus on the essentials. Ensure you have the minimum requirements, such as a photo, links, bio, name, and a link to a listening platform or your audio tracks integrated directly into the press kit. Additionally, don’t forget to mention your team, as their contributions can add depth and context to your story. Embrace the opportunity to grow your press kit over time as your music project evolves and achieves new milestones.

Using the Right Tools and the Right Methods

Enhance and Check Your Content

Paying attention to the details in your press kit is crucial for making a strong impression. Ensure that your spelling and syntax are correct by carefully reviewing your content. Have at least one other person proofread your press kit, as they may catch errors you’ve missed. Confirm that your press kit is mobile-ready, as many industry professionals access content on the go.

Lastly, consider enhancing your bio with AI-driven writing tools, which can correct your remaining mistakes and suggest additional content for your EPK.

Use Online Tools to Create Your Press Kits

Examples of artsy EPKs

All-in-one tools are available to create your press kits and add all the elements you need. Canva is a good example of a showcase/press kit tool that allows you to add elements block by block, from text to audio, with additional content. It is not completely built for music, though. also enables you to build your press kits with the “Projects” feature. Select the tracks you want, add them to a project, and share it with anyone you want. In one Bridge project, you can add all of the elements you need with just one click:

🎡 Your audios, streamable and downloadable in HQ

πŸ–ΌοΈ Cover picture

πŸ“ A description that can contain your bio, links, and additional information your recipient may need

πŸ“‚ As many additional files as you want (videos, photos, PDFs, etc.)

You can easily edit all of your content and permissions without having to update your link (pretty useful when you finally find that photo that slays).

Here’s a beautiful Press Kit made for the band Agar Agar from label Cracki Records.

We also made a 1min30 video that will show you how to make a cool Press Kit real quick on, watch it here:

Submit Your Press Kits and Monitor Your Results

You’re ready to send your Electronic Press Kit. Make sure that all email addresses are well spelled, that there are no mistakes in the link URL, and off you go. Monitoring all activities on your press kit may make a huge difference, allowing you to recontact your recipient at the right time.

If you have your EPK on Bridge, you’re notified each time someone open your link, stream, download your tracks or your attachments. Everything you need to not miss an opportunity!

Creating a captivating Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is essential for showcasing your music project and grabbing the attention of industry professionals. We hope that all that information will help you be well on your way to crafting an EPK that truly reflects your unique artistic identity. Don’t forget to customize your press kit to suit your target audience, and always ensure your content is polished and up to date.

As you embark on your EPK journey, we wish you the best of luck in unlocking new opportunities and taking your music career to new heights. May your EPK serve as a powerful tool to help you share your creative vision with the world!

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