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Reine Cramer - Content Producer,

Reine Cramer

Content Producer,

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Given the passion for entrepreneurship that led to the creation of, it’s no surprise that we’re fascinated by the entrepreneurial endeavors MEWEM promotes every year. MEWEM is a mentorship program for women in the music industry. The idea behind this program is to encourage women to take on leadership roles in the field and be active participants in re-shaping the future of the industry.

Every year, MEWEM selects 12 mentors with a wealth of experience in the field, and pairs them with 12 mentees who are in the early stages of their entrepreneurial ventures. The goal is to help the mentees develop their projects as much as possible over the course of the 6-month program, and to put them on the right track moving forward. As this year’s mentees are just about to complete their program, we’d like to take a look back at the incredible projects they’ve been defending.

Angela Dufin

Founder of NRV Promotion

Photo portrait of Angela Duffin, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Angela Dufin is the founder of NRV Promotion, a business established in 2019 that supports artists from the rock genre and its derivatives in press relations and management. Her passion for rock and the connections she made during her various experiences, including at MMProd, VSCom, Tadam Records, and PIAS France, shaped her career path.

Today, NRV Promotion manages 6 bands (Grandma’s Ashes, DECASIA, Storm Orchestra, HOWARD, Gurl, and Liquid Bear), has promoted over 50 groups, and handles the promotion for the Motocultor Festival. Discover how to create an electronic press kit (EPK) with Bridge audio here.

Bénédicte Bimoko

Founder of La Grande Bim

Photo portrait of Bénédicte Bimoko, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Bénédicte Bimoko is the founder of La Grande Bim, a comprehensive support structure (digital, media relations, artistic direction, etc.) for artists inspired by African music genres.

With over 10 years of experience in communication and a deeply rooted connection to her Congolese origins, her mission is to build a new narrative—one of a thriving Africa—by restoring the recognition and visibility that its artists deserve.

Camille Thirion

Founder of Camille Emilie

Photo portrait of Camille Thirion, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Camille Thirion (also known as Camille Emilie) specializes in digital marketing for artists and music curation. With experience at Sony Music France and various independent ventures, she recognizes the challenges artists face in navigating social media platforms. Camille focuses on content creation on TikTok (11k followers & 208k likes) and collaborations with artists and their teams to develop strategies that promote their music while respecting their artistic integrity.

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Éloise Clanet-Debize

Founder of Mad Girls Love Songs

Éloïse Clanet Debize is the founder of the Lyon-based agency for production, distribution, and management, Mad Girls Love Songs. She supports emerging artists in live performances and produces rock events with an ethical and cultural dimension, fostering an environment where constraints can easily be overcome. She also manages the band Wheobe.

Fiona Attiogbe

Co-founder of SSSSUPERSTAR

Photo portrait of Fiona Attiogbe, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Fiona Attiogbe is the Co-Founder of SSSUPERSTAR, an audiovisual production company specializing in music that aims to be the leading production house for discovering talent. She offers distinctive audiovisual productions through which all artists have the opportunity to visually tell their stories and distribute them in an impactful manner. With a background in marketing, Fiona also specializes in producing original content tailored specifically for TikTok and Instagram.

Iris Abatan

Co-founder of Maestro

Photo portrait of Iris Abatan, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Iris Abatan is the Co-Founder of Maestro, a digital platform designed to streamline administrative processes and grant applications in the music industry. With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has developed a comprehensive understanding that has enabled her to analyze its needs deeply. This experience has evolved into a passion, which she now channels into digital solutions tailored for professionals and artists alike.

Laura Verrecchia

Founder of Filles Soniques

Photo portrait of Laura Verrecchia, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Starting as a music supervisor (TBWA, Schubert Music Publishing, BAM Music Library), she later became a programmer for various venues in Paris and for the micro-festival Coucool. She then secured a position at Alias Production in booking, managing their international roster (Agnes Obel, Gorillaz, Florence & The Machine…). Concurrently, she co-founded the intersectional feminist collective Venus Flytrap and organized events in Paris in collaboration with concert venues and other collectives (Le Consulat, Barbieturix, Petit Bain, Les Femmes s’en Mêlent).

In 2023, she moved to Marseille where she founded Les Filles Soniques, an agency specializing in booking and support for bold and marginalized artists.

Lina Stalyte

Founder & business manager of Find Your Voice

Photo portrait of Lina Stalyte, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Lina Stalyte is the Founder and Director of the singing school Find Your Voice. With over ten years of experience in teaching vocal technique, she has developed an inclusive and compassionate approach within her school. Determined to sustain her entrepreneurial project, she seeks to develop a strong economic model while remaining true to her values.

In parallel, as a singer-songwriter, she released her first album in 2021 and is competing in 2024 to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Louise Pétrouchka

Co-founder of La Chatte en Feu & founder of Nectar

Photo portrait of Louise Pétrouchka, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Louise Pétrouchka is a hyperactive DJ on the Parisian scene. For the past 6 years, she has been setting the ambiance in clubs across the capital and collaborating with various collectives (Jetlag, Nique la Radio, Rinse). She is also involved in teaching DJing to women and gender minorities through FFS France.

In 2022, she ventured into event organizing with the creation of La Chatte en Feu at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Then in 2023, she launched “Nectar,” summer afternoons dedicated to R&B.

Marie-Agnès Opoku

Co-founder of Nuance Fétiche

With her Franco-Belgian-Ghanaian heritage, Marie-Agnès Opoku (aka Ama) navigates the music industry as a project manager at Warner Music France. In 2024, she co-founded Nuance Fétiche: a label and management structure aimed at promoting underrepresented talents and artists, particularly women, people of color, and queer individuals.

Additionally, Marie-Agnès is a member of All Access, an association created by SNEP that provides a safe space for women in the music industry.

Sephora Simounza

Founder of Momentum and co-founder of the P3

Photo portrait of Sephora Simounza, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Sephora Simounza is a multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant. Since 2019, she has specialized in music, events, and digital marketing. She serves as a project manager for the artist Vicky R (mentored in 2021) and co-founded P3, an event series reserved for women, trans-masculine individuals, and non-binary people. Through MEWEM, she aims to restructure her association Momentum and support women in advancing within the music industry in a safer environment.

Sylvia de la Baume

Founder of Festival Amapola

Photo portrait of Sylvia de la Baume, mentee of the MEWEM mentorship program in France
Photo credit: Instagram account @mewem_france

Following various experiences in the cultural sector and in the SSE both internationally and in France, Sylvia places at the heart of her approach to event-creation, the blending of artistic practices, and the creation of new worlds. She is the founder of the Amapola Festival, a multidisciplinary event focusing on ecological and feminist awareness established in 2021 in the Yvelines region (France).


We hope to see these female entrepreneurs and their wonderful projects go even further in the years ahead. If you want to know when you can apply for the next edition of this mentorship program in France, we invite you to follow MEWEM on Instagram, LinkedIn, or sign up for their newsletter.

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