10 emerging French artists to keep a close eye on in 2024

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Partnership between and Le Fair is proud to announce a partnership with Le Fair for the second year in a row, in a bid to show support for emerging artists. This year we’re offering the 20 selected artists the opportunity to connect with music industry professionals, and find sync opportunities through exclusive access to our Sync Hub. Find out more about these new emerging artists, and how our Sync Hub will hopefully contribute to their fruitful and lucrative careers.

About Le Fair

Le Fair is a non-profit organization created by the french ministry of culture in 1989. Today it’s the leading support program for emerging artists in France. Since its first edition, the organization has accompanied over 500 artists in launching their careers within the contemporary music scene, including renowned artists such as Christine and the Queens, Jain and Benjamin Clementine. Find out more about the incredible support Le Fair offers artists through their emergence and experience programs here.

Who are the first 10 emerging artists selected in 2024?

Le Fair announces their selected artists in two rounds. The first 10 artists were announced in February, and are set to perform at the Cafe de la Danse on June 24th. Discover their music here. The second round of artists will be selected in September, and all 20 artists selected in 2024 will get exclusive access to our Sync Hub. Here’s what you should know about the first 10 artists:

From the Emergence program

Afar Shamsi

Through her music, Afar Shamsi searches for a delicate balance between the sweetness of her melodies and the bitterness of her words, a sometimes fragile equilibrium which is perhaps what makes her work so touching. With impactful lyrics, memorable tunes and a great deal of sincerity, Asfar’s music humbly speaks to each of us, without the pretension of pleasing everyone.

Selfie picture of artist Asfar Shamsi
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram


Bøl creates larger-than-life, vibrant music made of a lavish display of energy and obsessive rhythmic sections that carry audiences into a trance. The band has already been making a name for itself prior to being selected by Le Fair as they were the winners of the 46th national competition of La Défense Jazz Festival, and the Occijazz federation in 2023. Let this progressive-rock inspired sound carry you into a trance.

Selfie picture of band BØL
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

Drama Doll

In March 2020, AZËL and Pi2r found themselves confined, crafting music together amid the tranquil backdrop of an old farmhouse. Pi2r is a rapper, AZËL a singer and guitarist, both drawn to melancholic sounds. Drama Doll is the name of their hybrid duo that blends rap and singing with electronic beats and guitars, reflecting the impact of despair and the potential for salvation through friendship. Their music, deeply emotional and narrative-driven, explores the complexities of their bond amidst societal norms of gender and sexuality.

Selfie picture of music duo Drama Doll
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

Joe la panic

Originally from Montpellier, France, Joe la panic is a singer-songwriter-composer and DJ, blending subtle vocals, intricate lyrics, and wit into melancholic yet sometimes sardonic music rooted in pop, neo-soul, and indie genres. Inspired by the likes of Barbara and Gainsbourg, her double entendres and wordplay modernize the chanson française tradition. Following her debut EP “Morphée” in early 2022, composed in her bedroom, she is now preparing to release a second EP in the coming months.

Selfie picture of artist Joe la panic
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram


From her earliest years, Lize delved into music, sharing a special bond with her grandfather who gave her violin lessons. At 13 she started performing in public and at 18 she embarked upon a nomadic journey, traveling across France and Europe. Her travels inspired her music, blending neo-folk with a little bit of chanson française. Settling in Marseille, she immersed herself in songwriting, crafting emotive compositions that reflect her life’s journey, and exploring themes of travel, love, loss, and independence. Thus, “Lize” was born, her music a testament to her sensitivity and worldly experiences.

Selfie picture of artist Lize
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram


Nemo was born in August 2003 in Grenoble, France. He quickly found his way around FL Studio on his family computer, and has since delved into creating music influenced by Iron Maiden, Eagles of Death Metal, Daft Punk, and Stupeflip. He released his debut EP “NEVERSTOPTHERAVE” in February 2023 under french indie label Pan European Recording, showcasing his unique blend of modern pop, nostalgic ballads, and rave bangers. His second EP, “LOVEANYWAY,” was released on March 8, 2024.

Selfie picture of artist, Nemo
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram


As a singer-songwriter, Ysé embraces vulnerability in her music, blending authentic lyrics with a modern and internationalized interpretation of the chanson française tradition. After her debut at Rock en Seine 2022, she embarked on a nationwide tour, playing at prestigious events in France like the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges. Her EP “Oser,” released in May 2023, marks a bold step towards a pop-infused direction, with singles like “Les acacias” and “Ose” gaining over 700,000 streams and landing on various editorial playlists.

Selfie picture of artist Ysé
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

From the Experience program


Martin Luminet’s journey, epitomized by his pivotal track “Garçon,” marks a radical departure from societal expectations, embracing a process of deconstruction. His EP “Monstre,” released in spring 2021, reflects visceral introspection and raw honesty, blending spoken word with epic choruses and production reminiscent of artists like Odezenne and Youssoupha. Martin Luminet’s music navigates a path of unapologetic vulnerability and fierce self-awareness.

Selfie picture of artist Martin Luminet
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

Oscar les vacances

Oscar les vacances merges chanson française with pop and electronic music, centering on introspective themes ranging from adolescence to modernity and masculinity. Oscillating between explosive energy and disillusionment, he fearlessly explores emotional and psychological depths, embracing his multifaceted identity. As a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, he crafts both music and visuals, delving into personal and universal stories, always questioning without seeking definitive answers.

Selfie picture of artist Oscar les vacances
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

Yassine Stein

Music has always been intertwined with happy memories in Yassine Stein’s life, from waking up to his mother’s cheerful tunes to discovering rapper Booba’s work during his adolescence. Despite not hailing from a musical family, Stein initially pursued his passion for cinema, studying at L’École de la Cité in Saint-Denis. However, his encounter with fellow artist Lomepal reignited his love for music, leading to the creation of his EP “Hayat” in 2020 and his debut album “C’EST DIEU QUI DESSINE” in 2024 that blends rap with cinema, and takes inspiration from both french and moroccan culture.

Selfie picture of artist Yassine Stein
Photo credit: @le_fair on Instagram

Give these artists a listen right here.

How supports emerging artists

Though there are still 10 more artists to be announced in September, is offering all 20 artists selected by Le Fair in 2024 the opportunity to place 3 tracks each in our Sync Hub.

What is the Sync Hub? Sync Hub is a platform that uses descriptive AI auto-tagging to label songs with extreme precision and connect artists with music supervisors and audio-visual industry professionals who are looking to place specific kinds of music into their visual projects.

Whether in film, advertising, TV or gaming, sync licensing is an often highly profitable source of revenue for artists and a great opportunity for exposure. By offering these 20 promising new artists spots in the Sync Hub, we hope to give them the opportunity to make important industry connections and increase their chances of securing lucrative sync licensing deals.

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